Storm the Bastille Route

The Anti-PR, or Storm the Bastille


Every year in July thousands of revelers take to the streets in Milwaukee for Bastille Days. And More >

Runzing Medal

The 10k


I laced up my running shoes this past Saturday and ran the Runzing IV Fun Run in West Des Moines. More >

Weekly running totals

Beer Running 2011 Update


I had noble intentions at the beginning of the year to run 1000 miles over the course of 2011. This More >


LC Day 43: Outdoor Fun


Have I mentioned how much I enjoy my Urban Ecology Center membership? My regret is that I didn’t More >

GTS 11

LC Day 30: Shoes and Parkas


One of the more expensive categories to buy locally–in my experience–is clothing. It’s really tough More >

Brothers Leinenkugel

Genesis of a Beer Runner: The Modern Age


After college, I revered Leinenkugel Brewing and drank Leinie’s Red as my beer of choice for many More >



So, I’m back by the way.

I jogged today for the first time since 12/22. Balky knee shelved me over More >

MSOE Beer Buds

Genesis of a Beer Runner: The Industrial Revolution


Ah, college.

During those four years of college, if I came away with nothing else besides a More >

Math meet trophy

Genesis of a Beer Runner: Age of Enlightenment


Faking my way through team sports in grade school was fine (see this previous post), but in high More >

Kindergarten Neil

Genesis of a Beer Runner: The Dark Ages


If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve written a lot lately about farming on my blog. This is a function of More >

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