Downtown Milwaukee Night Out


A great highlight video for downtown Milwaukee. First spotted on Mike C.’s blog.

Aptly designated

LC Day 111: Island Time


Once you get used to island time, it’s a mighty struggle adjusting back to reality. That’s the More >

The first of two cars I've owned in my entire life

LC Day 93: Tread Lightly


The first of two cars I've owned in my entire life

Most items I buy are pretty easy to find More >

Dessert is served

LC Day 63: The Groupon Game


So how does Groupon fit into the quest for buying locally? I jumped into the fray recently with my More >

Hiking in Governor Dodge State Park

LC Day 58: They Say It’s Your Birthday


A relaxing trip away from home was just what the doctor ordered for my birthday. Reservations were More >

Popcorn in Duck Fat with Parmesan

LC Day 53: Defining the Foodie


“Gluttony dressed up as foodie-ism is still gluttony.”

– B. R. Myers

This was the tagline from a More >

The setup

LC Day 45: Saint Valentine Loves Him Some Sushi


This is the first time I’d celebrated this day in a while and decided rather than fight the crowds More >


LC Day 43: Outdoor Fun


Have I mentioned how much I enjoy my Urban Ecology Center membership? My regret is that I didn’t More >

Donating platelets

LC Day 37: Heroes


We live in a society that values–almost craves–extraordinary contribution from everyday people. More >

Art Museum

LC Day 33: Snowpocalypse


What can I say about this storm that hasn’t already been said? That’s why I’m lucky to have a guest More >

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