Hey Oak Leaf Trail runners, stop on by!

LC Day 244: Hello, Eat Local Challenge


The first of September brings many things. The first day of school, my aunt’s birthday, the More >

Weekly running totals

Beer Running 2011 Update


I had noble intentions at the beginning of the year to run 1000 miles over the course of 2011. This More >

Tony dropped off some popcorn

LC Day 82: Old Milwaukee


Today I’ve got the windows open in my office, I’ve got kale plants growing outside on the balcony, More >

Tapped Out?

LC Day 80: Local Challenge – Iowa Edition


When traveling is involved, buying local can take on a whole new dimension. While it’s easy to More >

Milwaukee Brew Co tour

LC Day 71: #Beerclubfieldtrip


I bowed out of the January field trip at the last second when I came down with the flu. I missed More >

Dessert is served

LC Day 63: The Groupon Game


So how does Groupon fit into the quest for buying locally? I jumped into the fray recently with my More >

Hiking in Governor Dodge State Park

LC Day 58: They Say It’s Your Birthday


A relaxing trip away from home was just what the doctor ordered for my birthday. Reservations were More >


LC Day 54: Got Bar Dice?


Another year, another birthday. The activities centered around my 37th birthday were quite fun, and More >

Popcorn in Duck Fat with Parmesan

LC Day 53: Defining the Foodie


“Gluttony dressed up as foodie-ism is still gluttony.”

– B. R. Myers

This was the tagline from a More >

Open House

Local Farmer Open House


It’s time to get your CSA* on!

This Saturday join me at the Urban Ecology Center (UEC) for the 9th More >

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