Welcome to my stream of consciousness. What started as me signing up for engineering school morphed into becoming an intern on an organic farm. What happened during those eighteen years? Lots. Enough to fill a book. The highlights/lowlights of which will probably find their way into some blog entries.

A little about me. I am a citizen of planet earth currently residing in the USA. I am a tricenarian with food allergies. Every serious injury i’ve suffered has been on the left side of my body. I have a degree in electrical engineering. I have a sister who is eighteen years younger than i.

My food allergies are interesting in that they prevent a leisurely normal eating experience, which means i have to be somewhat careful when eating out. I can’t have peanuts or other legumes (beans, soybeans, peas) in varying degrees of consequence. Peanuts are the most severe, but luckily the easiest to avoid.

Well, this stream of consciousness might not always be fluid and may often be disjointed, but i hope you’ll enjoy.

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