I had noble intentions at the beginning of the year to run 1000 miles over the course of 2011. This plan derailed through the first several months–I was sick three times this winter with two colds and one bout of the flu. I took a ten-day sailing vacation in the middle of April which made jogging impractical and even hurt my running temporarily by affecting my arch in some way (I was barefoot or in flip flops for almost the entire time).

Here’s a Dailymile graph showing my weekly mileage for the last 26 weeks (click the image to enlarge):

Halfway through May, I’ve already logged 40 miles. My highest mileage month since I started recording data back in October 2008 was 56 miles in March 2010. When I look back at my runs from 2008 to early 2010 I see numbers like 1.6mi and 2.3mi as the norm. This year I find 3.6mi and 4.45mi as regular distances.

I’m working my way slowly toward adding more mileage to my weekly number. My intent is to keep the increase around 10-15% every five to six weeks. Starting at 12 miles per week early in the year, I’m now at 16 miles and looking to bump to 19 in a couple weeks. By the end of the year–if things go well–I should be in the mid- to upper-twenties each week.

I’m also looking to finally add some races to my calendar this year, after completing my first 5k last November. The energy of that race day was infectious, and seeing Dailymile people talk about their own races has given me a serious itch for more. I’ll actually be entering my first 10k this weekend.

And as for the beer? I’m doing my part there. Recording most of my selections on Untappd, I recently consumed my 100th unique beer since December 18th. I’ve had a lot of great craft brew in the last five months, and have enjoyed many immediately after (or some before) my runs. I’ll never be at the level of The Beer Runner in terms of running (he’s on something around 225 days in a row) but I’ll hold my own on the drinking.

So regardless how the year started, I’m stoked about the consistency and distance I’ve developed over the last couple months. The ups and downs through the last several years due to injury or whatnot have been frustrating, but looking back on the positive trend has been encouraging.